Select an option below and you'll soon be a part of the Generess® Fe movement, where every prescription filled equals a $5 donation to a participating women's charity of your choice.* And, with your card, you'll pay no more than $25 for each prescription filled. Not only do you save on your birth control, but you can make a difference in another woman's life. Plus, you can help us donate up to $50,000 more to the I Am Generess charities when you complete fun activities and connect with others. Join I Am Generess now!

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*See complete details in Terms & Conditions.

This offer is valid only for patients with commercial prescription drug insurance and applies to prescriptions for Generess Fe. Most eligible insured patients will pay the first $25 and receive a benefit of up to $40 per 28-day supply, for up to 12 prescription fills. Patient out-of-pocket expense may vary. Please see full terms and conditions for details.

Coins earned for activities other than those earned as a result of filling Generess Fe prescriptions (if applicable) are limited to 400 coins per individual per calendar year. For more information, see Terms & Conditions.