You can help the I Am Generess charities even more by earning additional donation coins. I Am Generess is donating up to $50,000 above and beyond the Generess® Fe prescription donations.

Here are a few ways you can earn more donation coins

Earn Donation Coins


What are donation coins?

Donation coins are electronic tokens that are used to represent the real money that will be donated to the participating charity you select. You earn coins each time you fill your Generess Fe prescription. For every prescription you fill, $5 worth of donation coins will be deposited into your account.

Plus, you can earn more donation coins by spreading the word about the program, filling out your I Am Generess journal, taking quizzes, and more. The more you do, the more I Am Generess donates!

How much are donation coins worth?

Donation coins are not legal tender, but 10 coins are equal to $1.

Do donation coins expire?

Yes. All donation coins expire 6 months from the date you earn them.

How can I keep track of my donation coins?

You can view all of your activity in the program—including coins you've earned and donated—by visiting My Contributions.

Coins earned for activities other than those earned as a result of filling Generess Fe prescriptions (if applicable) are limited to 400 coins per individual per calendar year. For more information, see Terms & Conditions.