Through I Am Generess, you'll discover how the Pill you choose can help women in need. For every Generess® Fe prescription filled, you can donate $5 worth of coins to a participating women's charity of your choice.* That means that every time you fill your prescription, you have the opportunity to help a woman in need.

Expand your giving power

Get ready to be even more Generess! You can help us donate up to $50,000 more to the I Am Generess charities when you complete fun activities and connect with others. Spread the word about the program, take quizzes, and update your I Am Generess journal, all while earning additional donation coins. Even if you're not using Generess Fe for birth control, you can still get involved.

The Pill That Gives Back

For each Generess Fe prescription filled, you can donate $5 worth of coins to a participating women's charity of your choice.* Learn more about pregnancy prevention with a low-dose pill that provides short, lighter, predictable periods.¹,²,

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Earn Donation Coins

Give more! I Am Generess is donating up to $50,000 beyond the Generess Fe Rx donations. Help us help even more women by spreading the word online about I Am Generess. Earn 2 coins for every friend you invite!

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Spread the Word on Facebook

Start your I Am Generess journal, take quizzes, send program gifts, and connect with your friends on Facebook, all while earning more for women's charities. Earning coins is more fun when you get your friends involved. Get 5 coins when you join us on Facebook!

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On the Go

Always on the go? Get our I Am Generess iPhone app for access to your I Am Generess account, a body tracker tool, and more. Plus, you can earn more coins with the app and help more women in need! Earn 5 coins when you download the app!

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Be a part of the Generess Fe movement where every prescription filled equals a $5 donation to a participating women's charity of your choice.* You can do more when you choose Generess Fe for birth control. You could help provide a safe place for a woman in need, counseling for a woman in distress, or improve a woman's health.

Not on the Birth Control Pill?

Don't worry, there are lots of ways you can still participate. Just by joining I Am Generess, you'll earn 10 coins. And, once you are in the program you'll find lots of other fun ways to earn more coins for your charity.

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Get the latest news about I Am Generess, plus personalized details when you've earned coins that need to be donated and
reminders about coins that are soon to expire. Stay up-to-date on new resources, programs, and health tips.

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*See complete details in Terms & Conditions.
For women who had periods, the average intensity of their periods was lighter over time.
Coins earned for activities other than those earned as a result of filling Generess Fe prescriptions (if applicable) are limited to 400 coins per individual per calendar year. For more information, see Terms & Conditions.