What is I Am Generess? I Am Generess is a charitable giving program that makes financial donations to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping women in need. For each Generess Fe prescription filled, you can donate $5 worth of coins to a participating women's charity of your choice.* Plus, when you help spread the word about the program and take part in fun activities online, you can earn more for your charity. Back to top
Where do I get a membership card? You will receive an I Am Generess membership card with your Generess Fe prescription from your doctor. If you did not receive a membership card with your prescription, download a card now. Back to top
How do I register my card? You can register your card online; however, you do not need to register your membership card in order to receive savings on your Generess Fe prescriptions. Simply present your card with your prescription at the pharmacy and you'll automatically pay no more than $25 starting with your very first prescription. To enroll in the program and start donating to the charity you'd like to support, register your card here. Back to top
How long is my membership card good for? Membership cards can be used for up to 12 Generess Fe prescriptions or until the program expires. Back to top
Do I have to show my membership card every time I fill a prescription? Yes. You should always bring your card with you to the pharmacy every time you fill your Generess Fe prescription. Back to top
How does the donation program work? Once you join I Am Generess, $5 worth of donation coins will be dropped into your account every time you fill a Generess Fe prescription. You'll have 6 months to donate your coins. You can help earn more for your charity by spreading the word about the program, filling out your I Am Generess journal, and more! Learn more. Back to top
Which charities can I donate to? The charities participating in the I Am Generess program are dedicated to helping women in need. To learn more about the specific women's charities participating in I Am Generess, check out our Charities. Back to top
What are donation coins? Donation coins are electronic tokens that are used to represent the real money that will be donated to the participating charity you select. You earn coins each time you fill your Generess Fe prescription. You can earn additional donation coins by spreading the word about I Am Generess, filling out your journal, taking quizzes, and more. Coins are not legal tender but do add up to real money for your charity. Back to top
Do donation coins expire? Yes. All donation coins expire 6 months from the date you earn them. Back to top
Can I suggest a charity to be added to the program? No. We are not accepting suggestions for charities at this time. Back to top
I lost my card, how do I get a new one? Call 855-GEN PILL (855-436-7455) to request a savings and membership card. Back to top
Is my donation tax deductible? No. Your donations are not tax deductible. Back to top
Can I join the program if I don't use Generess® Fe for birth control and I don't have a prescription? Yes. There are many ways you can get involved and give to our participating charities. Just by joining I Am Generess, you'll earn donation coins. And, once you're in the program, you'll find lots of other fun ways to earn more coins. Back to top

*See complete details in Terms & Conditions.

This offer is valid only for patients with commercial prescription drug insurance and applies to prescriptions for Generess Fe. Most eligible insured patients will pay the first $25 and receive a benefit of up to $40 per 28-day supply, for up to 12 prescription fills. Patient out-of-pocket expense may vary. Please see full terms and conditions for details.